Legionnaires' Disease Is Rising Exponentially In The U.S., Here's What You Can Do

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A simple cold or flu in the winter is annoying enough.

We do all we can to avoid getting sick by washing our hands, making sure we're at a distance from people who are infectious, and taking our daily dose of vitamin pills.

Now there's something else we need to worry about, but this time it's not contagious.

Legionnaires' disease is a form of acute pneumonia that's spreading at an alarming rate in the U.S.

Health officials are concerned that there has been a 13.6% increase in cases since last year, which is almost double of 7.8% from 2015-2016.

According to the U.S. Center's for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease is fatal for about 1 out of every 10 people who contract it. The signs and symptoms include a cough, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle pains, and headaches.

So how do you get the disease? And what can you do to treat it?

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