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Lena Dunham Thought She Was Getting Proposed To, Then Her Sister Told Her What Actually Happened

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The acclaimed actress and producer of many notable films and award-winning TV shows got a bit of a surprise this week when she mistakenly thought her long-time boyfriend was gearing up to pop the big question.

Her partner, Jack Anatoff, is the lead singer of Bleachers and has written songs for many other hit musicians. The couple have been together for almost six years and are very smitten with one another, so it's natural for the question of matrimony to come up.

In fact, it's not the first time Dunham has made her intentions clear. There was a slight public debacle when she nudged Anatoff on Twitter to "get on it" after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage legalization. They had previously let it be known that they would refrain themselves until there was equality for all.

She said soon after she regretted putting him in an awkward position and that the two of them were going to wait until they were ready to share their lives together.

But it seems that Dunham thought that day was coming sooner than expected...

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