Liberty Brew From Mountain Dew Combines 50 Different Flavors Into One

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Liberty Brew From Mountain Dew Combines 50 Different Flavors Into One

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Liberty Brew is a newest flavor in the Mountain Dew branded family of drinks. It was officially released in stores as of the Memorial Day weekend and can be found until August this year. I see a lot of people mentioning Target or Walmart when they mention where they found it.

This new flavor is available in the United States only and of course it's limited edition. The flavor will be replacing last year's DEW.S.A. as the summer release flavor for 2019.

It was first leaked via a trademark that was filed on August 22nd, 2018. Later in the year a YouTube channel called myCountyMarket posted a review on their video.

Liberty Brew is midnight blue in color again. I'm read that it's very similar to the Dark Berry one from a few years ago that came out with Batman Returns. Liberty Brew is a combination of 50 different fruity flavors. Many people online are saying it tastes like a liquid Bomb Pop, so I expect it's sweet.

  • The 50 flavors are unknown and so is what they combine to make it
  • This is the first time that a limited edition flavor will be a combination of 50 fruity flavors

Instagram accounts began posting pictures of the Mountain Dew on store shelves over Memorial Day Weekend, so this beverage is ‘Merica-approved.

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