Libraries Bring Toys To Life For "Slumber Parties" To Inspire A Love Of Reading

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Libraries Bring Toys To Life For "Slumber Parties" To Inspire A Love Of Reading

Getting kids to do anything they don't want to can be like pulling teeth. At a certain point it's just easier to let their rooms be messy, let them leave their green beans on their plate and watch TV as long as they want.

But getting them to read books is something that's worth fighting for. Reading has been proven to help kids with everything from speaking and studying to getting along well with their parents. The problem is most kids think of reading as a chore, and it can be hard to change their mind.

That's why libraries around the world are thinking outside the box, trying to come up with new ways to make reading seem fun. One of their ideas is the stuffed animal sleepover, and people are falling in love with this fun event.


The idea is simple: kids and parents stop by the library for story time, then drop off their stuffed toys when they leave.

Throughout the night, the animals explore the library, play games, and get into trouble - all of which is caught on camera and shared on social media by the library staff.

Abbeville Libary

The best part is these events have been proven to spread the love of reading.

Experts studied a group of Japanese preschoolers and found that when kids saw their stuffies reading, they wanted to read and share their books with their toys.

Mentor Public Library

If your local library isn't hosting an event like this, researchers say the next best thing is to get your child excited about reading by reading with them, and buying books about things they like.

But don't miss out on any sleepovers nearby. They're lots of fun, and you can never guess what sort of trouble those toys will get into!

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