Lion Refuses To Budge Until He Snuggles With His Favorite Keeper

What's the difference between a lion and a house cat? About 500 pounds, but not much else.

If you don't believe that, just watch this video from the Glen Garriff Conservation Park in South Africa. Smokey the lion has picked out his spot in the middle of the road and refuses to leave. Then Mike, one of the keepers who works at the park, fearlessly strolls up and something incredible happens.

If I hadn't seen this video with my own two eyes I wouldn't believe it!

#Smokey getting moved into his own camp from the passage by our very own incredible Mike ( Thulani ) who has the most amazing connection with all our lions! Please support our non profit project to care for and preserve Africas lions ...Thankyou!

Posted by GG Conservation Glen Garriff on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mike, who deserves to be called the lion whisperer from now on, greets Smokey like this every day. Apparently, the big cat waits for him to show up each morning and won't leave until Mike pets him.

Suzanne Scott, who works at the park, told the Daily Mail she thinks "Smokey often delays this process for more attention from Mike, who is his favourite person."

"But after all, Smokey is a big cat," she says, "and we all know that everything with cats is on their own terms."

As is the case every day, Mike moves Smokey from the passage back into his own camp so that we can use it as access. And today....well Smokey is going NOWHERE until he's had sufficient attention from Mike!!! He even shakes his head as if to say NO ! Beautiful relationship that they have....Man & Lion.

Posted by GG Conservation Glen Garriff on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And Smokey isn't the only lion who looks forward to seeing Mike. Bright Eyes, another one of the park's 80 lions, loves his massages to.

Bright Eyes is having a lazy day ❤️ and doesn't even want to get up for his favourite person Mike! Please support our non profit cause: click or

Posted by GG Conservation Glen Garriff on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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