Listen To This Song Now To Reduce Anxiety By 65 Percent

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Listen To This Song Now To Reduce Anxiety By 65 Percent

What do you do when you're feeling anxious? Experts often recommend taking a break from what you're doing, going for a walk outside, journaling, or calling a friend to talk things out.  

Your senses are a powerful way to help your mind remain calm, and sound therapy is one of the most effective. What music do you listen to when you're stressed? Some like hard rock or heavy metal to help let out angry emotions or that "trapped" feeling of being anxious.

Researchers have studied the songs that have the greatest effect on mood and the brain, and they found one song that was greater than the rest. According to studies by Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, listening to a song called "Weightless" reduced anxiety by 65%.

You might recognize the song to be similar to spa or yoga music you've heard.

Marconi Union produced the track in collaboration with sound therapists with several goals in mind: to slow heart rate, lower the levels of stress hormones, and reduce blood pressure.

Taking a minute to listen to "Weightless" when you're having a stressful day may help you avoid life-threatening illnesses in the future, such as heart disease, depression, stomach issues, and more.

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