5-Year-Old Girl Hated Herself, Until This Princess Changed Her Mind

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5-Year-Old Girl Hated Herself, Until This Princess Changed Her Mind

When Arliyah Brown was born with bright blonde hair and extremely pale skin her parents learned their baby girl inherited the condition Albinism. On top of that, the light was bothering her eyes a lot and they quickly realized she was blind.

She is one of only 1000 who suffer from Albinism in Australia, but he sweet little girl has found a way to find confidence in what she used to be afraid of.

It took some time for Arliyah to become comfortable in her own skin. Her parents explained everything to her so she could tell her friends why she would have to be extra careful in the sun and what was happening with her eyes, but she still got upset from time to time.

"It upset her and she told me she was sick of people always touching her hair," Arliyah's mom Hailey said.

When Frozen came out, kids all over the world became obsessed. One day while at the swimming pool, Hailey overheard another young girl commenting on her daughters hair saying that "that girl over there is Elsa!"

That wasn't the last time Hailey heard that so she made sure to show the film to her daughter who loved it immediately and older her mom that "she was the real-life Elsa!"

Now she is a lot more excited about her hair, and runs around singing "Let It Got" whenever she feels like it. She is now a big sister to Reagan (2) and McKenzie (2 months), with the younger one also suffering from Albinism. Arliyah will get to teach her sister all about the ways she came to accept her unique looks and embrace what makes her special.