Little Girl Grabs Pope's Hat - Becomes A Star

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Little Girl Grabs Pope's Hat - Becomes A Star

Pope Francis is one of the most gracious men in the world, and he isn't afraid to take his hat off to those who have earned praise. And even if he doesn't take his hat off, someone might do it for him.

That's what happened when 3-year-old Estelle met the Pope along with her family. The pope leaned in to plant a kiss on the young girl's head, as he did she grabbed his skull cap. Much to the enjoyment of everyone.

The pope himself immediately burst out laughing.

Estelle's godfather tweeted out the encounter:

It's only a few hours old, but the video has been viewed thousands of times, with probably many more to come.

Thousands of people have commented that the video made their day better. It's hard to argue with that!

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