Little Girl Writes Desperate Letter To Vet After 'Poisoning' Her Kitten

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Little Girl Writes Desperate Letter To Vet After 'Poisoning' Her Kitten

Many families are lucky enough to have pets as a lovely part of their family. When you have kids and pets sometimes you have to watch them all a little bit closer because sometimes accidents happen and either a pet or a child could get into a situation that you wouldn't want.

Fortunately, there are kids out there like Maggie. Maggie is a 12 year old girl who was proactive in taking care of her animals. She doesn't wait around for problems to develop, she owns up to her mistakes and tries to correct them right away!

A vet shared a picture of an email they received from Maggie and it has completely warmed everyone's hearts.

It reads:

Hello. My cat, Shadow, was watching T.V. with me and drank a few sips of my strawberry milk. It had been on the table and he drank it when I wasn't looking. I am concerned how this may effect him because I do not know if he has ever drunken milk or strawberry milk. I am also concerned because I am the only one in my family who is awake and I am only 12 and 1/2 so I don't know what to do. Please help me. - Maggie.

This kid is too precious. Her cat stole a few sips of her milk and she is so worried. I could only imagine how she must feel! Being 12 is hard enough, let alone being 12 and having a problem when everyone else is asleep!

Let's hope Maggie got all the help she needed and that Shadow is doing fine!

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