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Little Saemus The Kitten Had To Fight For His Fair Share, Now His Mama's Teaching Him How To Love

When Seamus the little tabby was dropped off at the vet clinic in Seattle, they knew that they had a very special little boy on their hands.

One of the women working at the clinic, Heather, noticed that this feisty little dude had a cleft palate and an extra cheek. She couldn't say no to that sweet little face, so she offered to foster the little buddy and give him a good chance at life.

Heather tells Cats Meow Lovers that she suspects he was dropped off because his original owners likely couldn't "cover costs of any possible surgery."

When she first brought him home, he had a bit of difficulty walking around due to his third cheek.  “At first it seemed like it blocked his vision a little, but as he’s growing it doesn’t seem to be an issue.”

Heather also suspects that little Seamus had to fight for his food and learned to be more aggressive to get what he needed to survive.

But thanks to all her TLC, Seamus is learning to play gently and adapt to living in a home. Now that he's grown a little, the extra cheek doesn't seem to get in the way as much as it once did.

He's hitting all his kitten milestones - including eating solid food and learning to use the litter box like a good boy!

Now that he's found his forever home, little Seamus is well on his way to growing into the purrrfect little gentleman he was destined to be!

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