Long-Lost Photos Show Motherhood Hasn't Changed in 50 Years

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Long-Lost Photos Show Motherhood Hasn't Changed in 50 Years

You never know what you're going to find during spring cleaning. For 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman his forgotten storage boxes revealed some hidden gems that you don't want to miss.

After emptying the contents of a storage locker, he found a box entitled "Mothers," that were filled with stunning images of women and their children. He had shot a series of photographs for a Pulitzer-nominated book called Family, which he co-wrote with Margaret Mead- an anthropologist and friend.

Even though the photos were published almost 50 years ago, they still speak to the modern-day mother.  These photos remind us the despite the vast differences from one country to the next, motherhood is a universal experience. Dinner still needs to be served, tangles pulled out of a hair and, of course, an endless supply of cuddles to be had. These small, everyday moments extend through time zones and decades.

Denmark, 1964Ken Heyman
USAKen Heyman

BrazilKen Heyman
USSR, 1963Ken Heyman

Ghana, 1964Ken Heyman
Hong KongKen Heyman

Turkey, 1964Ken Heyman

Ken Heyman

Ken Heyman
Ken Heyman

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