Losing 2 Legs Didn't Stop This Cat From Living

Meet Simon. He has lost his two left legs, and used quite a few of his 9 lives according to his Facebook page.

This ginger cat stole the hearts of a couple from Auckland, New Zealand when they met him at the SPCA 3 years ago. Robert and Madeline McCarthy were taken by his sweet personality that they didn't even notice at first that he only had 3 legs at the time.

"We adopted him as a 3-legged cat from the SPCA and he has always been very fast, nimble and agile," Robert told Love Meow. "He moved around just like any other cat, it didn't affect him at all," he said.

Last June, Simon was attacked by a neighbor's dog and had an open fracture on his front left leg.

The wound wasn't healing properly, so eventually the vets were forced to amputate in order to save Simon's life.

After the surgery, Simon bounced back within a couple of days, hopping around the house with his two right legs.

Now fully recovered Simon is back to being the fast, nimble cat he was when he was first adopted.

Super Simon!

Posted by Simons "All Right" on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

He is now able to climb the stairs and roll around with his fur-siblings, Olive a black cat and Barry the dog.

"He bounced back in no time and was tackling everything from stairs to jumping on the couch and the beds," Robert said.

Simon's trips to the vet has cost the couple an upwards of $22,000.

"It sure is a lot of money but putting Simon down wasn't an option, he's part of our family," Robert said.

Simon surprised his vet surgeon Kyle Clark with how quickly he recovered after his surgery. She said that cats were resilient and emotionally unaffected about the loss of his second limb.

"Simon didn't mourn the loss of a second limb and reminisce about the days when he had three legs," she said. "He simply got up on two legs and got on with life. We see this all the time in the animals that come to us."

Simon the two-legged cat

Posted by Veterinary Specialist Group on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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