The Internet Is Falling In Love With This Ridiculously Huge Cat

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The Internet Is Falling In Love With This Ridiculously Huge Cat

Lotus the Maine Coon - Instagram

It's hard to decide if the internet loves dogs or cats more, since adorable pictures of both seem to show up on just about every site imaginable.

Certain breeds even develop their own followings, like how pit bulls have popular fan pages on Facebook.

Among cats, one of the most beloved breeds is the Maine Coon, the massive, longhaired breed that looks more like a wild animal than a housepet.

And Lotus, a beautiful white-haired Maine Coon, is one of internet's most famous cats.

More than 100,000 people follow Lotus and his owners on Instagram, just to enjoy new photos of his adorable mug.

Life with Lotus is much like any other cat: he eats, he sleeps, and he uses the litter box. But sharing your home with an animal his size is anything but ordinary.

Depending on his mood, Lotus can look like a stately lion, or a goofy cartoon cat. But no matter the situation, his unique personality shines through.

Enjoy more photos of Lotus, and be sure to follow him on Instagram for even more updates.

Lotus the Maine Coon - Instagram
Note: Lotus was a "kitten" when this photo was taken.Lotus the Maine Coon - Instagram

You can follow Lotus the Maine Coon on Instagram.

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