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A Local TV Station Gave A 94-Year-Old Time On Air To Spread Her Heartfelt Message

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Shirley Batchelder is a 94-year-old woman who is very happy with the life she has lived. She was married for 57 years to a man who was "as handsome as can be," she loves her three kids and all of her grand kids, but there is one thing that she has always wanted to express to the world.

At times the world can be an overwhelmingly negative place. There are so many terrible things happening all of the time, that people are often on edge. Batchelder knows this, and she has always wanted to do something about it.  

Batchelder had always wanted to make her own television commercial that would only take up five seconds of time and have three words in it. She simply wanted to tell people to "love one another" and have it played on TV.

When the local television station heard this, they knew they could help out...

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