Lowes Employee Drops To The Ground The Moment He Sees Them Walk Into The Store

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Lowes Employee Drops To The Ground The Moment He Sees Them Walk Into The Store

When Amy Joe Martin and her friend walked into Lowes in Wilkesboro, NC, they were on a mission.

They needed some parts for an attachment to a wheelchair for their rescue pup, Baxter. Little Baxter was having a hard time keeping his balance with the clunky contraption, so they decided to ask for some help at the project desk.

They knew they needed someone with imagination, someone who could think outside the box. That's when they met Andy. As soon as he walked over and heard about their troubles, Andy sat down on the floor of the hardware department and introduced himself to Baxter.

BaxterAmy Joe Martin

After about an hour of brainstorming, Amy left the store with all the parts she would need to rig up an anti-trip third wheel for Baxter. Days later, after the pup's vet visit, she decided to pay a visit to Andy.

"You know that saying about how a little appreciation goes a long way? We truly felt that with Andy. He really seemed touched that we took the time to stop in to show him the final product and express our gratitude,"  writes Amy.

Sure enough, as soon as he saw little Baxter, he dropped down onto the floor for a snuggle (and to inspect his new wheel). Amy was so touched by Andy's above-and-beyond customer service, that she asks us all to share the story. If you live near Wilkesboro, NC - stop in and shake Andy's hand, people like him need to know how much they are appreciated!

Share the love - pass on the story of Amy, Andy and Baxter! Let Corporate know that we appreciate people like Andy!