Brace Yourselves: Another Major Winter Storm On Its Way

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Brace Yourselves: Another Major Winter Storm On Its Way

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Since Sunday, a powerful storm has been building in the Southwest as it charts a path through the country.

Weather forecasters at AccuWeather predict that "parts of 39" of the lower 48 states could be affected by the storm, with more than 200 million Americans living in its path.

By Tuesday, it had already dropped as much as a foot of snow on states including Arizona and New Mexico.

While it blusters through the Midwest today (Tuesday), the National Weather Service expects snow and ice to fall on the Midwest, Mid Atlantic and Northeast through Wednesday.

Heavy snow and rain are both expected in different regions, as the storm draws in moisture from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

AccuWeather's Tyler Roys warns "several inches of snow" are possible in cities like Kansas City, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Duluth as the storm passes over them.

Morning commutes in cities including Washington D.C., Philadelphia. Baltimore, and New York are expected to be hampered by freezing rain and snow tomorrow. Fallen trees and power outages could snarl traffic in other parts of the storm's path.

Schools are also expected to close throughout the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast on Wednesday morning because of the treacherous road conditions.

Even the balmy southern half of the county will feel the chill, with heavy rain, flooding, and thunderstorms expected through midweek. There are already flood watches in place for states including Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

One of the few states the coming storm is expected to miss is Florida, which has seen record high temperatures this week including 89 degrees at Vero Beach on Monday.

The rest of the country will warm up from Wednesday night onwards, as milder air takes some of the chill from the storm.

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Are you prepared for this week's winter storm?

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