Makeup Expert Can Transform Herself Into Anyone (Photos)


Makeup Expert Can Transform Herself Into Anyone (Photos)

Yuya Mika - Instagram / Wikimedia

Most of us would settle for the know-how to erase pimples and other blemishes from our skin. But the skill to make ourselves look like a movie star would be even better.

He Yuhong (who goes by Yuya Mika online) is a blogger from China who loves to show off her talent for makeup, and she's a true master of disguise.

Yuya Mika
He Yuhong has made a splash in the makeup world since she began sharing her transformations.Yuya Mika - Instagram

On her Instagram account - where she has more than 518,000 followers - Yuhong, 27, posts unbelievable makeovers that transform her into famous movie stars.

And with brush skills that rival Da Vinci himself, Yuhong has even made herself into works of art like the Mona Lisa. (That was her most ambitious transformation of all, and took six hours in the makeup chair to complete.)

Yuya Mika Mona Lisa
Yuhong said she was so tired after this makeup session she went straight to bed.Yuya Mika - Instagram

Her incredible work has to be seen to be believed, especially side-by-side with the photos she uses for inspiration.

Take a look:

Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson.Yuya Mika - Instagram / Paramount Pictures
Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein.Yuya Mika - Instagram / Albert Sasse

Yuhong says that painting herself to look like American movie stars is even harder than you might expect. She told the South China Morning Post that she uses special makeup techniques to give her face the look of deeper eye sockets, folded eyelids, and a nose with a higher bridge.

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Which of Yuhong's makeup transformations was your favorite?

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