Mama June Shows Off Dramatic 300lbs Weight Loss Results


Mama June Shows Off Dramatic 300lbs Weight Loss Results

A few months ago "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June Shannon showed off her 150lb weight loss to the public.

The reality star revealed that she was on a journey to shed pounds for the sake of her health and to achieve a "revenge" body after she was cheated on by her ex-husband.

Her transformation actually began about a year ago with a new diet and exercise regime, but things took a turn for the worse when she collapsed at home.

Soon after her recovery, Mama June hired a trainer to help her get on track and get rid of the weight for good. Her weight loss journey was documented in the reality show, 'Mama June: From Not to Hot' which premiered this past February 24. "I'm changing my body and my love life," she confessed on the show.

Well change her life she did! After months of hiding and hard work, the 37-year-old reality star finally revealed her new svelte figure and she looks unrecognizable!

Here is what she looked like before:

Check out the after:

Incredible! Mama June's jaw-dropping results were revealed to the viewers during Friday's episode of 'From Not to Hot.'

"I've worked my ass off, working out getting healthy," said Mama June. "And now I feel like becoming the person on the outside that I always felt like on the inside."

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Mama June had to undergo surgery three times to achieve the results that took her from a size 24 to size 4. She had gastric sleeve surgery, skin removal surgery, a tummy tuck and breast lift.

"I'm looking at myself here in the mirror and I can barely recognize my own self," she said. "Just 11 months ago, I weighed 352 pounds and I never thought this weight loss would be possible," she continued.

"It's been a long road through all these three surgeries, struggling with my emotional eating, these intense workouts, a dress I thought I would never be able to fit into, dealing with my ex's fiancée/soon-to-be Alana's stepmom, and all the while I'm trying to stay healthy and good for my kids." she added.


If you'd like to see more of the new Mama June, stay tuned for the show's season finale slated to air on April 7 at 9pm ET on WEtv. In the meantime you can catch her musings on Twitter here.

Good job, Mama June!

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