Man Almost Killed By A Device We All Use Everyday

Wiley Day came very close to dying a few week ago after he was nearly electrocuted by his cell phone charger.

The Huntsville, Alabama man was woken up from his slumber by 110 volts of electricity that came from the wire that was charging his phone beside him in bed. The dog-chain necklace he was wearing acted as a conductor after it got caught in the prongs of the charger head allowing electricity to pass through his body.

The shock was so strong that it forced him to drop off the bed. Day equates the pain to that of being shot and describes the whole incident as “the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience.”

Wiley Day

The 32-year-old managed to rip the necklace off and miraculously drive himself to the hospital. He was treated for a torn tissue in his left shoulder and for second and third degree burns to his neck, chest and hand.

Bemjamin Fail, a Hunstville physician told WAAY News that 100 volts is all it takes to kill a person so Day is "lucky to be alive."

Day told that he feels blessed that he made it through this ordeal and it was indeed God who wanted him alive. "I can only give it to God," he said. "I didn't do it."

With a second chance at life, Day says he now has a God-given purpose and he'll be sharing his story as a precautionary tale about the dangers of charging your electronic devices in bed.

"I have found that hundreds of people are doing this. That is why I said I have to let people know the dangers of it. I have to," he said.

Have you charged your phone in bed before? Let us know in the comments below.

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