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Man And His Cats Recreate Iconic Scenes From Classic Films And It's Paw-some

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Just when the internet starts to feel like a negative space, something awesome comes along to remind us that it also has a lot of amazing things to offer.

If you're a movie junkie or cat lover or both, then the Instagram account @moviecats is made for you. The account has been getting a lot of attention for their creative and funny posts, which shows one man and his cats, Tara and Willow (named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), recreating scenes from famous movies.

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The page was launched last fall by David and Sarah, a couple from the United Kingdom, who started the project for their trivia nights. The first few uploads were a hit online, so they have since turned it into a regular thing. They have also been adding extra excitement by asking their 68,000 followers to guess which films the scenes are from.

Here are 13 Oscar-worthy moments brought to us by Tara and Willow:

1. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

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2. Alien

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3. Lady and The Tramp

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4. The Notebook

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5. Home Alone

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Wait until you see them recreate the pottery scene from Ghost.

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