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He Helped Deliver A Baby In An Ambulance Proving History Repeats Itself

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Falck USA / Fox 5 News

This world has no shortage of stories that seem to be more fated than coincidental.

Two strangers from Maryland share a unique bond after a firefighter-paramedic delivered a baby in his ambulance.

Daniel Helsel has been a firefighter for 20 years, and a paramedic for 10. He got a call to pick up a mom in labor on Monday afternoon.

“We had a pretty good inkling that it was going to happen soon,” explained Helsel. “And we wanted to get her out of the apartment and down the steps before it happened. We got about half way down the stairs when she stopped and started to push. We had to gently remind her we needed to get her somewhere sanitary. So we were able to get her to the ambulance and onto the stretcher. And we could see the top of the baby’s head. That baby was not going to wait.”

Helsel helped deliver the baby girl in the ambulance, but that's not the only amazing part about this story!

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