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He Helped Deliver A Baby In An Ambulance Proving History Repeats Itself

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Falck USA / Fox 5 News

Helsel's parents showed up with a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday, as he was speaking to Fox 5 News.

Then his parents revealed to him that he too was born in an ambulance 42 years ago on the same date!

“We get on the Beltway and he says you are going to have to pull over because the baby is going to come,” Helsel's father said. “As soon as that ambulance comes to a stop – I don’t even think it was fully stopped – the side door opens. A state trooper – our son’s guardian angel – comes in. He doesn’t say a word. He assists with the birth and then he leaves.”

“I only had five contractions,” his mother added. “In 15 minutes, he was born.”

What an incredible ... coincidence?

Share this amazing story about these two strangers who share a unique bond!

[Source: Fox 5 News]

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