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Man "Disgusted" When He Found Out What Was Inside His Chocolate Bar

After taking a bite into his chocolate bar, Kyle Rosewarne got a nasty surprise when he discovered an extra 'ingredient' in with his chocolate covered candy.

His disturbing discovery came after peeling back the wrapper of a Crispy Mint Chocolate bar that he bought at a local grocery store.

After eating 4 squares of the treat he spotted the dead cockroach embedded in his chocolate bar.

After failing to get in contact with the company, the angry consumer took to Facebook to share a warning.

"When I opened the packet yesterday I found an added extra," he posted on Facebook. "To my absolute disgust, there was a dead cockroach inside."

Daily Mail

His post later got attention from Mars Chocolate Australia who reached out to the angry consumer.

"They offered me a $20-30 Coles or Woolworths voucher, which I declined," Kyle said.

He is concerned about the health risks this type of incident may pose.

"It's not only a health problem, it is a serious ecological concern as well," he said. "They're making these in China, so this is more than likely a Chinese cockroach, which could cause serious problems if this isn't the only one."

A Mars Chocolate Australia rep spoke with Daily Mail stating that after review, they found that the insect did not enter the packaging prior to being shipped from their manufacturing facility. This species was said to not occur in the region where the product is manufactured.

"Given each block of chocolate we manufacture undergoes 31 quality checks and safety tests, and microbiological testing before it is packaged and shipped, it is extremely likely it entered the product packaging after it was opened," they said.

Kyle disagrees with the companies claims as it doesn't make sense to him how the bug could have died after he opened the package.

What do you think? How could the bug have gotten in?

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