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Man Finds A Deeply Disturbing Mystery Item Floating Inside Jar Of Jam

All Troy Hawkins wanted was to spread some tasty jam on his toast and enjoy his morning breakfast.

What was waiting for him inside the jar was nothing short of shocking.

When he twisted off the lid, there, at the top of his red currant jelly was what appeared to be a condom.

Hawkins was so appalled by what he saw he snapped a picture and shared it with Co-op, the British supermarket he bought it from.

According to the supermarket, it's not what it looks like:

"As the jar passed along the production line the movement of the jar rolled and folded the foam layer in a way that resembled a condom."

Troy later posted that the issue had been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. A later search of his news feed indicates that the post has been taken down.

But it still looks so real! What do you think?

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