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The Man Who Inspired The "Ice Bucket Challenge" Dies At 46

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If you were present on the internet at all during 2014, you almost definitely saw something about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Created as a way to bring awareness and research funding regarding this absolutely crippling condition, the challenge, in which someone would dump a bucket of ice-cold water on themselves and challenge others to do the same, became a massive viral sensation on the internet almost overnight.

New York Times

While some were initially skeptical about the validity of the challenge and whether it would actually create any good, they were soon humbled by the fact that participants in the Ice Bucket Challenge raised nearly $200 million for ALS research, some of the highest fundraising stats ever seen for the absolutely horrendous condition.

It was a time of celebration that brought people together against a foe that could very easily strike at any one of them at any time, and it served as a great reminder of what people could accomplish when they banded together for the greater good. Unfortunately though, even 17 million videos can only do so much: ALS is still very much a thing, and the people who suffer from it still have very little time on this Earth.

As such, it's with great sadness that the news comes that Anthony Senerchia, one of the main inspirations for the challenge, has passed away at the age of 46...

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