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Man Lives His Entire Life As If It Was 1946

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During the day, Ben Sansum is a busy jet-setter who works as a cabin crewman for British Airways.

But when the working day is done, he leaves our hectic, modern world and steps back into the 1940s. And as you can see from his vintage-inspired home, living the simple life is not so simple these days.

Sansum's home was built in the 1800s.FameFly

The 35-year-old Sansum says that from an early age he was interested in the past. His great-uncle once gave him a 1940s radio as a birthday present, and his first car was an antique from 1939. His parents never understood their son's obsession for a time before he was even born, but Sansum says they've learned to accept it.

Everything in Sansum's home was invented before 1946.Hunts Post
Sansum still does all his cooking on a 120-year-old range.Hunts Post

“My parents probably thought I would grow out of it, but I know I will always live like this now. I shall probably die living like this." But despite admitting his interest is "strange," Sansum also tells his parents that he's "ensuring their way of life isn't forgotten."

Sansum buys modern groceries, but also keeps this collection of vintage food packages.Hunts Post
This isn't a vaccum, it's a electricity-less Ewbank cleaner.Hunts Post

But of course, living in a time before our many modern conveniences were invented is tough. Sansum does all his cooking on a restored, 120-year-old cooking range. And while he has managed without a dishwasher or a microwave, he caved and bought a modern mini fridge

One of Sansum's few modern conveniences - a mini fridge - is hidden behind a tea towel to hold up the illusion.BBC

Still, if you remember an older relative's home from this era (or your own childhood home) the rest of Sansum's house is a treasure trove of memories.

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