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Man Crashed His Car On Purpose To Save A Stranger's Life

When Manfred Kick was driving his Tesla Model S down the Autobahn near Munich, Germany, he noticed something was terribly wrong with another driver on the highway. He saw the Volkswagen swerving erratically all over the busy road and realized that the drive was unconscious.

He pulled out in front of the car and slowly put on his brakes which caught the car on his own and forced it to stop. He jumped out of his car and into that of the other driver and administered first aid until the emergency services arrived.

The man had suffered a stroke but Kick's quick thinking saved his life. The problem for him was that now his car had about 10, 000 euros worth of damage on the expensive car that he would need to pay for.

Lucky for him, the owner of the Telsa company Elon Musk heard about the brave and selfless act and offered to repair Kick's Telsa free of charge!

Do you think you would be brave enough to risk your own life to save another?

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