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Man Fights Off Shark With Trick He Learned From YouTube

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National Geographic / Today

An amateur surfer has escaped the clutches of death by punching a shark right smack in the face.

British doctor Charlie Fry went out surfing on the New South Wales Coast in Australia when a shark hit him on the shoulder, the Associated Press reports.

Charlie Fry

Fry, 25, immediately sprung into action by whacking the animal straight in the nose. He said he learned the technique by watching Australian professional surfer Mick Fanning on Youtube. The video shows Fanning's legendary escape from a great white shark during a surfing competition.  

"So when it happened, I was like: 'Just do what Mick did. Just punch it in the nose,'" Fry told Nine Network television. "So Mick, if you’re watching or listening, I owe you a beer. Thank you very much."

He said he was surfing slightly over 130 feet offshore when the shark sprung out of the water.

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