Man Writes Letter From His Dying Dog's Eyes - Breaks The World's Heart

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Man Writes Letter From His Dying Dog's Eyes - Breaks The World's Heart

Few things are as heartbreaking as losing a pet. They give us so much love and comfort that when they leave us all we can think about is our loss, but what about their loss? One man wrote a gut-wrenching post after putting his dog to sleep, but there was one key difference - it's from the dog's perspective.

I won't lie, if you've ever lost a pet this will be hard to read, I know it's hard to write.


Imgur user laws2ewun1t broke hearts around the world with "Goodbye to my owner" written in puppy perspective. His "goodbye letter" to his dog has now been viewed over 1.4 million times with thousands commenting their appreciation.

You can read the letter in its entirety here.

Below are some snippets to give you an idea of what you're in for if you really want to cry that badly.

"Yesterday was a weird day," the letter begins. "I couldn't get myself out of bed. The guy I live with lifted me up. I tried to get my legs under me, but they wouldn't cooperate. He said, "˜Don't worry, I gotcha buddy.'"

Sleeping Dog

In startling detail the man describes what his dog might have been feeling throughout the last few days of his life. Regret, shame, longing, but most of all love.

The user lost his dog to cancer, like so many of us, which is almost doubly tragic for dogs. They feel different, but they don't know why.

A sad fact the letter captures brilliantly.

"Later in the evening, I felt well enough to stand up and walk to the door to see who was coming in. It was more exhausting than I'd remembered it being, but I loved seeing them all."

I Love You So Much

It's hard to get through without comparing to your own experiences, but the letter serves as a reminder that we aren't the only ones going through a tough time when our pets are sick. When the time comes we should be there and be strong for those who have given us so much.

"I gotcha buddy."

That's the thought that helped this puppy get through the end, and that's what all our pets deserve.

Closed Eyes

If you'd like to donate to the Animal Cancer Foundation you can do that here.

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