Mandy Moore's Renovations Are All Done And They Look Incredible


Mandy Moore's Renovations Are All Done And They Look Incredible

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At the height of her career, Mandy Moore is surely living the high life.

Although she's been in the public eye since 1998, she's made headlines for her award-winning portrayal as Rebecca Pearson in the hit show, This Is Us.

But along with being a talented actress and musician, Moore's also exceptionally savvy as an interior designer - at least for her own Pasadena home.

Moore purchased the 1950s home in 2017 and has spent the past year working on the "painstaking" renovation of her modernist house, which she also documented on Instagram.

Curious to see the results of her hard work and dedication? Take a look inside Moore's $2.56 million home and see if you like the star's remodeling for yourself!

The Exterior

Moore and her fiance Taylor Goldsmith moved into the house in January, with the former expressing how her new home is the entry way to the next phase of her life.

"This house signifies the next chapter of my life"”as an adult, a woman, and a performer. I was able to pour all of who I am into making this place," she said.

The Front Room

According to Moore, while she fell in love with "the views, the pool, the yard, basically the whole energy of the place," she was the most attracted to the glass walls, blond brick surfaces, and the unconventional copper fireplace hood.

"We tried to imagine what [architect Howard B.] Zook would have done if he were designing it today," she said.

The Living Room

With the help of architect Emily Farnham and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, the trio were able to redesign the building to a modern home while also paying tribute to the house's architecture as well.

"The furniture we chose feels in line with the architecture," Moore explained, "but there's nothing so precious that a little wear and tear from kids or dogs would be a calamity."

The Kitchen

This modernist abode is an absolute contrast to Moore's former home, which gave off an Old-World feel.

"I lived there for 15 years, and even though the house went through several iterations, it never felt wholly mine," she explained. "I bought it when I was 18. I really didn't know myself, and I never felt secure enough to bring a lot of people there."

The Bedroom

Although she lives with Goldsmith and her dogs, Joni and Jackson, Moore said her partner offered little input to the house's interior.

"Taylor was as involved as he wanted to be. He had opinions about certain things, but his only real demands were for bookshelves"” he's a voracious reader"”and room for a baby grand piano and a turntable," Moore shared.

The Bathroom

It appears Moore has put her roots down for the foreseeable future, as she recently splurged on an "extravagant installation."

"Terrazzo is a dying art, costly and laborious," Moore said, adding that her custom is "so worth it."

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