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O.J. Prosecutor Marcia Clark Says She Uncovered Missing Evidence From The Casey Anthony Trial

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It's been seven years since America was stunned by the verdict in Casey Anthony's murder case, and many people who followed the trial closely are still searching for answers.

Now, damning new evidence is coming to light about the Anthony's search history, and it comes from a very unlikely source.

Marcia Clark is best-known for her role in O.J. Simpson's murder trial.NBC News

After becoming a household name as the lead prosecutor in O.J. Simpson's double murder trial, Marcia Clark left the law behind to work as a legal commentator and a legal thriller writer.

But she's teaming up with the cable network A&E for a new show called Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48. The show re-examines some of America's biggest true crime cases for new clues, and one of the episodes will tackle the murder of Anthony's daughter Caylee.

Anthony smiles after hearing her not guilty verdict.ABC News

Even the trial's judge, Belvin Perry Jr., admits Anthony probably murdered her daughter. But the prosecution simply couldn't make a convincing case that she was guilty.

But when Clark re-opened the case for her TV show, she found damning evidence that "the prosecution would have loved to have."

It all has to do with Anthony's infamous internet search for "foolproof suffocation."

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