9 Years After Her Case Rocked The Country, What Happened To Casey Anthony?

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Americans were glued to their TV screens when the story of a missing 2-year-old girl from Florida gradually turned into a murder case with a shocking conclusion. But what ever happened to Casey Anthony, the woman at the center of the decade's biggest true crime story?

She was called a "Monster Mom," but what sort of life is she leading today?Red Huber / AP

The Case

When 2-year-old Caylee Anthony from Orlando, Florida vanished in June 2008, the hunt to find her quickly became national news. But a number of strange details made this different from most missing child cases. For one thing, Caylee had been missing for more than a month before her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, called the police to report her disappearance.

And it was soon revealed that Caylee's mother Casey wasn't a typical grieving parent. During the month of Caylee's disappearance she partied at nightclubs, got a tattoo, and used a friend's stolen checkbook to go on a shopping spree.

Soon after the search for Caylee began, her remains were found in a wooded area less than a mile from Anthony's home, and Anthony was charged with the first degree murder of her daughter.

This photo of Anthony was famously taken while her daughter was missing.Know Your Meme

The Trial

Over six weeks, as many as 40 million Americans tuned in to Anthony's trial, and conversation about her case on Twitter broke records for the social media website. It also attracted some very public attention, as over 1,000 protesters lined up outside the Orange County Courthouse, insisting Anthony was guilty.

Anthony during her trial.NYDN

Throughout the case, Anthony's defense team tried to prove that her parents were responsible for Caylee's death, and blamed her strange behavior on abuse from her father and brother. Her parents also took the stand, as her father George denied he had abused Anthony and her mother Cindy broke down while listening to her 911 call.

George and Cindy Anthony.Life & Style

But after following her trial for weeks, viewers were shocked by the outcome...

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