Marcia Gay Harden Let's Her 14-Year-Old Son Do Her Makeup And The Results Are Amazing


Marcia Gay Harden Let's Her 14-Year-Old Son Do Her Makeup And The Results Are Amazing

Hudson Scheel

As many beauty lovers know, it takes a routine of trial and error to get your makeup just right.

Whether it's because you've never put foundation on before or a risky experiment with a new eye shadow palette, creating an unflattering look happens to the best of us.

But, while we all wish we had our own makeup artists at are beck and call, not everyone is as lucky as Marcia Gay Harden's 14-year-old son, who she claims is as talented as the pros.

The Fifty Shades of Grey actress appeared on her son Hudson Scheel's YouTube channel, where he glammed her up to red-carpet ready.

Throughout the video, Scheel takes his audience step-by-step on how he's creating his mother's look, while also sharing helpful techniques, like the power of bronzer and how to do a proper cut crease.

However, the duo had a setback when they realized Harden's foundation was a few shades too light for her skin.

"It was so much fun, until it wasn't. Over the summer my mom had gotten a tan. So I found myself scrambling in the middle of the video trying to blend a new foundation that would match her skin tone. Thank God for bronzer!" Scheel said in an email to TODAY Style.

After he showed his mother the finished look, the Oscar winner star gushes on camera, "I love it, I'm really happy, you did a great job. All my makeup artists are gonna hate you!"

According to Scheel, he's always loved makeup, but it was one particular reality show that inspired him to try it himself.

"As a kid, I grew up watching incredible makeup artists transform my mom for photo shoots and various red carpets. But it was (the TV show) RuPaul's Drag Race that inspired me to try it myself. It was the artistry and freedom of it all that led me to try my first drag transformation, an homage to the famous queen Katya!"

Of course, the mother-of-three didn't stick her bragging to just media, and told TODAY Style how proud she was of her son.

"As he's pursuing his YouTube channel, I just encourage him to be true to himself and find his own voice. He's funny, smart, inspiring and I think he's part of the new generation of kids who lift each other up," Harden said.

"I love that he's teaching me things I never knew and that he tries both traditional and outside-the-box looks on himself," she continued.

"He's a super hard worker and I've really come to respect all the work he puts into creating, shaping and editing his content," she said. "He takes it seriously while he's having fun, and I think that's a great combo!'"

Check out Harden and Scheel's makeup tutorial below:

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