Mariah Carey Reveals Her Mental Illness Diagnosis For The First Time Ever

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There are two universally known truths about Mariah Carey. The first is that she's an extremely talented singer, and the second is that she is a diva, but not in the good sense of the word.

Over the years, the "Hero" singer went from being at the top of the music industry to a laughing stock, mainly because of her bizarre antics and reputation for being high-maintenance.

Mariah Carey

An entire book can be written about the controversial incidents the Queen of Christmas has been involved in.

From frequent wardrobe malfunctions, dramatic break-ups and rebounds, disastrous performances, public meltdowns, and sexual harassment accusations, the cameras have captured it all for the world to see.

Diva moments

Fans have long questioned the pop star's grasp on reality, and their concerns became even louder after the 47-year-old's painfully awkward New Year's Eve show in 2016.

The "Vision of Love" singer fumbled through the songs then stopped performing halfway through her set, revealing that she had been lip-syncing the whole night.

Mariah Carey

To make matters even worse, she refused to take any responsibility for the mess, and instead blamed the Dick Clark Production company for sabotaging her show.

“I don’t know why, it’s not OK that I was victimised and vilified by the situation," she said at the time.

Prior to the NYE incident, Mariah had already been known for arriving late to her concerts, delivering lackluster performances, and acting out publicly.

However, there's more to her actions than any of us knew.

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