Marine's Dance With His Daughter Has Everyone Amazed


Marine's Dance With His Daughter Has Everyone Amazed

A girl's quinceanera, her 15th birthday, is a moment she's supposed to remember for the rest of her life. But Jasmine Cortinas and her father Leonardo, a retired Marine, gave her guests a performance they'll never forget instead.

When Leonardo took to the floor to dance with his daughter to "My Girl," the crowd already had their cameras out. Then, the music changed into a mix of songs to show off their dance moves and people couldn't believe their eyes.

Stay tuned to the end to see Jasmine's 11-year-old brother Isaac make a surprise appearance!


Jasmine planned the whole routine herself, and the two rehearsed for three weeks before the big day, but you can definitely tell from Leonardo's polished dance moves.

This video actually had two big surprises: it's not included at the start of the video, but Jasmine had no idea her dad would be in his dress blues for their performance, which made it even more special.

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