"Married At First Sight" Star Shares Heartbreaking Tribute To Miscarried Son

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"Married At First Sight" Star Shares Heartbreaking Tribute To Miscarried Son

Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis have been married for over 3 years, but the husband and wife met under the strangest circumstances.

The couple got married in 2014 after meeting on the reality TV show Married at First Sight. The show uses a scientific matchmaking method to set strangers up with each other, but they don't get to meet or be in contact with one another until their wedding day.

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The couple were quick to fall in love, and after a year, they decided to renew their vows on the season finale of the spin-off series Married at First Sight: The First Year.

Otis, 31, and Hehner, 36, didn't waste any time in starting a family, and announced that they were expecting their first child in 2016.

Unfortunately, in a sad turn of events, Otis had a miscarriage and they lost their son when she was four months pregnant.

"Our Baby Hehner was just too beautiful for earth," Otis wrote in an Instagram post. "I love him so much "“ ALWAYS will "“ and can't wait to meet him in heaven one day. Please pray for us."

A little over a year after suffering the devastating loss, the couple started a new chapter of their story by welcoming their rainbow baby.

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The reality stars welcomed a daughter, Henley Grace, on August 22. The new parents were elated with their family's newest addition (they also have two dogs) and have since been sharing updates through an Instagram page dedicated to all things Henley.  

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But no matter how much time has passed, they still can't help but remember the son they lost. On the occasion of what would've been his first birthday, the grieving mother posted a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram.

Otis and Hehner's son, Jonathan Edwards, would've turned one on December 20, so as you can imagine this time of year is tough for the couple.

"Spent the whole day thinking of this little guy," Otis wrote in the caption of the somber post, which was paired with a photo of the moment they held their son for the first time.

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"I imagine him up in heaven bouncing on clouds curled up in his Grandma Dot's arms," Otis continued. "Today he would have been one year old if he had ever made it to his due date."

She also revealed what they plan to do in Jonathan's honor as Christmas approaches.

"Tomorrow we are buying a little boy named Dylan who is one year old Christmas presents in honor of our little boy Johnathan Edward," Otis wrote. "Looking at Henley makes me wonder what he would have been like. Can't wait to meet in heaven again one day."

The heartfelt tribute isn't the first time that Otis has opened up about their loss. Earlier this year, she revealed that they've turned a portion of their backyard into a memorial for Jonathan.

"A year ago today was one of the most difficult, saddest days of my life ... today is our angel baby's heavenly birthday," she wrote on Instagram. "We wanted to remember him & honor him so we planted a beautiful tree front & center in our yard. Every day we can see it, watch it grow, and be reminded of him."

Today is pregnancy & infant loss awareness day.👣 Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what my little boy would look like and who he would become.💙 I can still remember seeing his itty bitty body so bruised in my hands but yet, so perfectly formed....just too small for life.😔 Johnathan, mommy & daddy love you and think of you every day. Just when I thought this big empty hole in my heart could never be filled, you sent us your little sister👶🏼🌈...thank you sweet Angel.👼🏼 I'll live my life honoring you, until we meet again one day.💗 #johnathanedward #mommylovesyou #infantloss #pregnancyloss #miscarriage #awareness #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #waveoflight

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Last year, shortly after losing baby Johnathan, Otis penned a blog post about the huge loss.

"He was given to us so graciously by God, and then God took him away way too early. My heart hurts so bad," Otis shared. "Losing our baby has been the most terrible experience. I wish no one would ever have to endure this."

Shortly after, a close friend of the couple told People that the couple is strong, and their love will help them get through the hard times.

"Their love will get them through this," the source explained, and it looks like they were right.

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