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Martha Stewart's Secret Scrambled Eggs Hack Creates Mass Confusion

Food Network/Facebook

When you hear that there is a hack for something, you assume that it is a shortcut or trick that will make the task at hand easier.

This is why people on the internet are confused about Martha Stewart's latest cooking hack, which ironically seems to actually make the process more complicated.

The lifestyle mogul has gained our trust over the years with her helpful home decor, craft, and party planning tips, and of course, delicious recipes. So when she reveals that she has a secret method for making perfect scrambles eggs, she commands everyone's attention.

Food Network recently posted a video of Stewart demonstrating how she makes the "softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs," but the entire thing just left fans more confused than ever.

Stewart stars off her recipe like many others by breaking up two eggs, then adding some salt, pepper and better into the mix. But instead of pouring the beaten eggs into a pan, she walks over to a cappuccino machine and uses the steam wand to heat up the eggs.

Yes, really, a cappuccino machine. As she claims in the clip, "in a matter of seconds" she had eggs that are "buttery and fluffy and light and delicious."

See it for yourself in the video below:

How to Make Martha Stewart's Cappuccino Eggs

Martha Stewart makes her scrambled eggs with an unexpected kitchen appliance! Martha judges an all-new #Chopped > tonight 9|8c

Posted by Food Network on Monday, December 17, 2018

Stewart added that "scrambled eggs a la cappuccino machine" is not only very easy, it will surely be a "conversation piece."

It looks she's right about the latter part because the video has since gone viral, and the baffled viewers have taken to the comment section to talk about the bizarre recipe.

"But....but they're so slimy and undercooked 🤢🤮" wrote one Facebook user. Others were worried about getting raw eggs all over the machine, with one person saying, "and who's going to clean the frother?????"

Some found it funny that Stewart used a high-end gadget that many people don't have at home to cook the eggs. They joked about the possibilities of using items around the house for other recipes.

"Next we'll learn how to make coleslaw with a cabbage and a ceiling fan," wrote one commenter, while another joked, "Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher."

Still, there were fans who stood up for Stewart, explaining that the eggs are actually not undercooked.

"This is the traditional way to make a scrambled egg," wrote one user. "Why it looks runny is the butter they add. Normally we fry ours in the butter with little butter on the pan. We don't throw in 3 whole cubes into the eggs."

Another supporter applauded the host for thinking outside the box and using the drink maker for a different purpose: "There is nothing wrong to try something different with different cooking appliances...Chefs have used so many different tools to cook food for the past many centuries!!"

Sure, this method may not be convenient for the average person to replicate at home, but it must be worth it if it's Martha Stewart-approved. So if you have a cappuccino machine at home and are willing to do some extra cleaning, why not give it try and then let us know how it goes.

What do you think of Stewart's scrambled eggs hack?

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