Math Hacks for Every Day Life


Math Hacks for Every Day Life

Just when you thought you'd never need math after you graduated, your kid opens their bag and pulls out their homework. It's now back to the books for you too!

Here are some easy math hacks to get you through the evening exercises, problems and assignments- you may even learn something for your every day life too!

Why didn't they teach us these tricks when we were in school?

Did Fractions always give you trouble? They just got REALLY simple with this trick.

Are you terrible at multiplying large numbers in your head? Once you figure out this trick you will seem like a math pro when you don't need to pull out the pen and paper to figure out your problem.

Did you teacher give you this trick? Super easy to remember to help with your "greater than" and "less than" signs.

Need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa? Here's a trick that we never learned in school.

Multiplying by 11 has never been easier!

Simple Most

Trying to find a percentage? This hack will help.

How did I never see this one before?