The Mayans Had Their Own Zodiac Signs - What Does Yours Reveal?

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The Mayans Had Their Own Zodiac Signs - What Does Yours Reveal?

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The Maya were a people who built an incredibly advanced society, which once stretched throughout South and Central America.

The Mayans developed a writing system, built stunning architecture, had intricate agricultural systems, and even studied the stars with astronomy.

Like other cultures, they developed a system of zodiac signs, which supposedly revealed a person's nature.

Mayan temple
Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.Pexels

Unlike other calendar systems, which we trace back to the Greeks and Romans, the Mayans used a system of overlapping calendars with several months.

The calendar we explore today is called the Haab, and it features 18 months which are 20 days long, with five "unlucky days" called Wayeb added in to make a full 365-day year.

You don't need to know anything about star charts or moon signs, just see if your Mayan zodiac sign suits your personality:

Ch'en (Night Sky/Moon) - January 2-21

This sign is strongly connected to the nighttime, and people born in it tend to be night owls.

They are thoughtful people who seem to draw energy from being alone, and taking time to reflect by themselves.

But they are also known for bursts of creativity after "recharging their batteries" in solitude.

Don't let your solitary nature cramp your social life. Let your friends know you need time alone, but be proactive about inviting them to spend time together.

Yax (Green Storm) - January 22 - February 10

This month is associated with growth and nature, and the people who fall in it are known for being friendly, loving, and open.

They jump at the chance to help their friends and family, but don't handle confrontation very well.

You have a naturally calm energy, so find people who will complement it without stressing you out.

Don't be afraid to push back once in a while, and remind people not to take advantage of your friendly disposition.

Sak (Frog) - February 11 - March 2

The quick-jumping frog is a good symbol for this sign, which is full of energy and bounces from one project to the next.

People born in this month also have natural confidence to complement that boundless energy.

While they are flexible and adapt to change well, these signs need to push themselves to actually try something new - or else they could fall into a rut.

Step outside your comfort zone once in a while, and be confident that you'll find your way back.

Keh (Deer) - March 3-22

This is a well-balanced sign, associated with people who enjoy peace, quiet, and relaxation.

Those qualities can lead you to be the arbitrator for your friends, constantly settling arguments and putting out fires for other people.

Don't let you friends ignore your concerns: speak up for yourself, and take time to focus on your needs once in a while.

But you're no pushover either: you have a strong sense of what's right, and shouldn't be afraid to share it.

Mak (Enclosed/Cover) - March 23 - April 11

While most signs fit into a neat little box, the Mak breaks the mold.

People born into it tend to have a rich inner life and strong opinions - but whether they share it with anyone else depends on the person.

For the most part, people in the Mak sign keep things to themselves a little too much. Don't be afraid to step out of your shell and reach out to someone if you need help.

Or, try letting someone else in on the emotions you've been keeping a secret. It can really help.

K'ank'in (Underworld / Sun) - April 12 - May 1

This is a contrary sign, which is associated both with the underworld and the life-giving sun.

But maybe that suits you: are you the kind of person who likes to reinvent yourself every so often?

The K'ank'in are often seen as wandering souls, with playful natures and a resistance to settling down.

Try to find a way to channel that restless energy into something productive, or else it could ruin your relationships.

Muwan (Owl) - May 2-21

If you're familiar with traditional astrology, you could think of this sign as a mixture of Fire and Water Signs.

They are straightforward and honest, but also quick to judge other people (for better or for worse).

Remember that nobody is perfect (not even you) and focus on helping others find the right path in life.

You have strong instincts to guide you, so the key is to keep your eyes locked on your goals until you reach them.

Pax (Puma) - May 22 - June 10

People born under the Pax sign have a reputation as strong leaders, with bright minds and a winning attitude.

But their naturally competitive nature can drive a wedge into their personal relationships.

Your friends and family probably already respect you, so strive to be the person that they believe in and make time to appreciate them.

Settle for second best every once in a while, and notice how much stress it saves you.

Keyab (Turtle) - June 11-30

The turtle is a spiritual animal, connected to a deep and universal well of love and understanding.

You are probably an empathetic person, who naturally understands the people in your life or at least tries to.

But don't get caught up in your deep thoughts and ignore the world around you -  think first, but then take action.

Don't overlook how meaningful your small gestures can be for the people in your life, either.

Kumk'u (Crocodile) - July 1-20


You've been through so much that sometimes it's hard to just let yourself enjoy life.

Too often, people born under this sign let their self-doubt get the best of them.

Take a moment to reflect on everything you've accomplished today (or this month, year) and feel proud.

Don't let imaginary problems or future concerns cloud your mind. Just keep doing your best and that work will pay off.

Wayeb (Spirit) - July 21-25

Sorry, you were born in the five "unlucky days" of the Mayan calendar. But it's not all bad!

These days were considered "unlucky" because they are out of balance. It's also a time when the Mayans believed spirits could walk the earth.

But that deep, spiritual connection is also a positive for people born in the Wayeb sign.

When people underestimate you, they just give you a chance to show off your talents. Draw on your inner strength to accomplish tasks that seem impossible at first.

Pop (Jaguar) - July 26 - August 14

Like Pax, Pop is a sign of natural leaders.

But instead of rallying your team, you probably specialize in leading from the front.

What you can't handle is responding to a supervisor or boss who works differently than you do.

Learning to compromise and set aside your pride can help you get ahead in life, and so will your easygoing attitude if you can keep stress from overtaking it.

Wo (Black Sky) - August 15 - September 3

Is there a storm on the horizon, or just peaceful clouds? It can be hard to tell sometimes.

People born under the Wo sign share a contradictory mix of qualities with other signs.

But complexity is not necessarily a bad thing. You are independent and stubborn, but also compassionate and eager to help a friend when they're feeling down.

Let your big heart guide you, and try not to put your feelings before everyone else's.

Sip (Red Sky) - September 4-23

Like the setting sun, you have a gentle and peaceful nature. But don't forget that the sun also shines bright during the day.

Think of yourself as an outgoing person with strong restraint.

When you're not paying attention, your temper could flare up, or your strong personality might rub someone the wrong way.

You jump easily from one emotion to the next, so be sure to look before you leap. Take time to appreciate the silence around you, and get in touch with your sensitive side.

Zotz (Bat) - September 24 - October 13

Many ancient cultures appreciated how bats seemed to fly with ease through the dark of the night.

Like those bats, you're very comfortable in your own skin, and guide yourself naturally through life.

Things just seem to work out for you, but really you work hard to get everything just right.

Sadly, when their situation in life suddenly changes, it's easy for this sign to feel lost. Step out of your own head once in a while and connect with the people around you as an anchor.

Sek (Sky and Earth) - October 12 - November 2

The connection between earth and sky is a powerful one - like how the moon revolves around our planet in space, or how the earth revolves around the sun.

But like the changing of the seasons, your emotions have a bad habit of switching at a moment's notice.

The saving grace is your strong intelligence, which lets you see through excuses, including your own.

Use your good judgement to guide you towards the right decision. Hold yourself accountable, and remember you're not the center of the universe.

Xul (Dog) - November 3-22

Just like in modern times, dogs served as companions and protectors to the Maya, giving love and loyalty without asking anything in return.

But there's a deeper meaning to this sign: the Maya saw dogs as guides through the afterlife.

People will naturally rely on you in times of trouble. Being there for them can take a toll on you, physically and emotionally, but friendship is its own reward.

Let your positive outlook towards everything lead you - and others - through life's hardships.

Yaxk'in (Sun God) - November 23 - December 12

The Mayan Sun God, Ah Kin, protected humanity from disease and darkness.

But that's a lot to ask for, and people might take your sunny disposition for granted.

The trick is not to expect yourself to be cheery all the time.

Instead, remind yourself to celebrate when things go right, and that worrying won't save you from your problems.

Mol (Water) - December 13 - January 1

They say you can never step into the same river twice: flowing water is always changing, always rolling downstream to start the cycle again.

Take a lesson from nature, and don't hold your past mistakes against yourself.

You are the type of person who learns an important lesson from each of life's hardships, and appreciates that you can't grow flowers without rain.

Try and share your wisdom with others! And stop to appreciate life once in a while, if you can.

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Does your sign describe your personality? What about your friends and family?

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