McDonald's Is Introducing A Sweet New Treat - And It Sounds Familiar

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McDonald's Is Introducing A Sweet New Treat - And It Sounds Familiar

Albert Bridge - / Dunkin' - Instagram

If you're waiting for a new treat to shake up your regular McDonald's order, it could be arriving at a restaurant near you very soon.

Business Insider, which has previously leaked the release of new McDonald's items like the Triple Stack breakfast sandwiches, spoiled the company's latest surprise this week: Donut Sticks are reportedly debuting at McDonald's in February.

While fans of the golden arches are eagerly awaiting the new snack, they can't help but compare them to Dunkin's Donut Fries, which were introduced last June.

Donut Sticks
Compare McDonald's sticks - as seen in photos obtained by Business Insider, with Dunkin's.Dunkin' - Instagram

Dunkin' actually called out their competitor in a statement to

"We're not surprised to see competitors imitate our success with Donut Fries given their popularity with customers, and we will continue to lead the way in introducing fun, unique, delicious items that bring smiles and keep people energized any time of day."

McDonald's take on the sugary, fried treat was actually tested under the radar in select locations last year, and apparently they were a hit with customers.

The cinnamon-sprinkled confections will become the second breakfast item McDonald's has introduced in less than a year (following those loaded Triple Stack sandwiches) after the brand's American CEO Steve Easterbrook told investors he wanted to "do better at breakfast."

Triple Stack McDonald's
McDonald's introduced hefty Triple Stack sandwiches earlier this year.McDonald's

Ironically, after introducing all-day breakfast at locations nationwide, McDonald's has experienced a sales slump during the morning.

Which explains why the sticks will only be available at breakfast, in servings of six or 12, with recommended prices of $1.29 and $2.39 respectively. Customers can also pair the sticks with a small coffee for $1.99.

Bear in mind, McDonald's has not officially confirmed the leak so far, and only teased "more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019."

Dunkin' says their own take on donut sticks became "one of the best-performing limited time bakery items in our recent history," but only time will tell if McDonald's can copy their success.

[H/T: Business Insider]

Are you excited to try McDonald's donut sticks?

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