McDonald's Just Introduced A New Breakfast Sandwich - And It's Almost Too Much To Handle

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McDonald's Just Introduced A New Breakfast Sandwich - And It's Almost Too Much To Handle

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For the first time in five years, America's most popular fast food chain is introducing a new menu item.

And the news is BIG in more ways than one.

In 2013, when McDonald's last updated their menu, they were introducing the new, healthier option of the Egg White Delight McMuffin.

But the brand went in a complete opposite direction for their new Triple Breakfast Stack, set to be released on November 1.

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Triple Stack breakfast sandwich
The Triple Stack is a hefty but tasty-looking sandwich.McDonald's

Don't let the name fool you, these new takes on the McMuffin and McGriddle sandwiches actually include triple the usual serving of meat plus double the cheese.

Each sandwich includes two sausage patties and two slices of cheese, topped with either bacon or an egg, served on the McMuffin, a biscuit, or a McGriddle.

The restaurant chain says the inspiration for their new menu item are "menu hackers," creative customers who mix up their meals by requesting extra servings, different sauces, or unusual food combinations.

Mike Haracz, the restaurant's manager of culinary innovation, even said more food products inspired by the "secret menu" items McDonald's customers invent could follow in the Triple Breakfast Stack's footsteps.

"We can't wait to see what they come up with next "” you never know what might end up on our menu," he said.

But if you're dying to try the towering new breakfast sandwich, don't wait. McDonald's has teased that they will only be available for a limited time.

If you're looking for a deal instead of a meal, you're also in luck.

McDonald's Value Menu
Sadly, the Happy Meal was just taken off the value menu.JSP Management McDonald's

McDonald's has a new value menu, the 123 Dollar Menu, which includes breakfast items: sausage McMuffins begin at $1 (no side or drink included), McGriddles at $2, and Sausage McMuffins with Egg are just $3.

Shaking Up The McDonald's Menu

You might have noticed that McDonald's is eager to change their menu around lately, as the chain has been revamping and transforming some of their most popular items.

While some changes are mouthwatering, like the limited edition French Toast McGriddle (which was only available in Minnesota and is already off the menu), others were surprisingly healthy.

French Toast McGriddle
The French Toast McGriddle is already off the menu.McDonald's

McDonald's recently announced they would begin phasing artificial ingredients out of their recipes, starting with the food coloring and additives in their signature burgers like the Big Mac.

The company also recently swapped frozen beef for fresh patties in their Quarter Pounders With Cheese, which proved to be a popular choice.

But replacing the apples in their apple pies backfired on the chain: while the new apples are 100% American grown, fans of the original recipe say the new low-sugar version is too tart.

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What do you think of the new sandwich? Do you like all of the changes McDonald's has made lately?

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