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McDonald's New Dessert Is Like Having A McFlurry In A Cone

Let's be honest, one of our favorite ways to cool off in the summer is to head over to McDonald's for a delicious ice cream treat. Whether you love to have a McFlurry or want to spoil yourself with a cone, the Golden Arches know how to deliver the delicious desserts we all crave.

Now imagine if your 2 favorite ice cream desserts were merged into one delicious treat you could enjoy all summer.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

Imagine getting to the front counter, ordering a cone of soft serve and being asked "Waffle or Oreo cone?" Have I died and gone to heaven? I think so.

Well foodies, this delicious confection is not a dream.

The cookie and ice cream cone marriage does exist and it's called the Cono Oreo, but the catch is that it's only available at locations in Mexico.


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Considering cookies and milk belong together, these 2 are a natural pair.

Ya está aquí el sabor que estabas esperando. El nuevo Cono Oreo llegó a refrescar este verano. ¡Ven a probarlo!

Posted by McDonald's on martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

McDonald's is always coming up with fun flavor combinations in their various locations around the world. In the UK you can find the Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry and you can enjoy the Apple Pie McFlurry off of their secret menu. I think though, it's time we get a new mindblowing menu item here in the United States!

So dear McDonald's, if you're listening please bring this lovely creation to the US!