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McDonald's Pumpkin Pie Is Back But Not Everyone Is Lovin' It

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Just days after announcing the addition of the new Triple Breakfast Stack to the menu and the return of the iconic McRib, McDonald's is back at it again with another special release.

The fast-food chain has brought back their pumpkin pie turnovers just in time for Thanksgiving.

Like the apple pies, the pumpkin version is also baked instead of fried, seasoned with pumpkin spice, and finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar on top.

According to a statement, these fall-favorite treats will only be available for a limited-time only, so if you'd like to sample it, you'll have to do so as soon as possible.

But before you get your hopes up too high, you might want to hear what those who have tried the pies have to say first.

As usual, the re-release of the seasonal dessert has divided the internet once again.

There were many people who had high praises for the treat, with some even calling it "the best pumpkin pie" they've ever had.

Then there were those who did not understand the hype surrounding the McDonald's pumpkin pie.

If you were planning on stopping by McDonald's for one of their pies, you'll want to double check your order before you leave the store because it seems like the employees have been having a hard time differentiating between the pumpkin pie and the apple pie.

For some, like Twitter user @Change Chameleon, this mistake was a pleasant surprise.

However, not everyone felt the same about getting a different flavor than the one they ordered.

According to Brand Eating, the pies are currently being sold for 89 cents each or two for $1.50. So if you don't want to pick up a whole pie, these snack-sized treats will hold you over until Thanksgiving Day.

Will you be trying the McDonald's pumpkin pie?

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