Mechanic Donates His Entire Business So Ex-Cons Can Get A New Start

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Mechanic Donates His Entire Business So Ex-Cons Can Get A New Start

After more than 40 years working as a mechanic, Jerry Greef is ready to call it quits. The owner of Baltimore's One Stop Auto Shop hasn't been on a vacation in 10 years, and he has lots of catching up to do with his wife and kids.

The long hours Greef worked to serve his customers helped make One Stop into a business worth more than $2 million, but when it was time to say goodbye to his life's work there was a problem. Nobody wanted to keep the garage open, instead they would open a new business or tear it down.

That wasn't what Greef had in mind, so he decided to give the garage away.

Greef donated his entire business, free of charge, to a non-profit organization called Vehicles for Change. The charity give ex-cons experience fixing up old cars that are donated to the program.

After they've earned the experience, the former prisoners can find a new job as a mechanic, and Vehicles for Change sells them a car at a low price to help them adjust to their new life.

They also sell cars repaired by the prisoners to needy families. All of this sounded perfect for Greef, who hated to think his business would go to waste.

Marty Schwartz, who runs Vehicles for Change, called this huge donation  "a miracle" for the program and the people in it.

After a lifetime of working hard to help his community, it must be nice for Greef to know that his business will keep doing the same even after he's left it.

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