Meet The World's Clumsiest Dog

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Meet The World's Clumsiest Dog

This is Rocco. Rocco is an Old English Sheepdog that is as clumsy as he is adorable. Rocco is also about to be your new Dog Crush.

Rocco has more personality than he has hair, and that's saying a lot, and his owners have given him the type of social media access that would make a teenager green with envy. He has thousands of followers on his Facebook page, Instagram and his YouTube channel. That makes it easy to see all of his exploits.

Whether it's going for walks, jumping on trampolines or playing fetch in the park, Rocco manages to win over fans, but it's not his good looks that gets attention; it's his clumsiness.

A compilation of his klutzy antics has been circling the internet and it's helping to launch this canine celebrity to new heights. You'll see what we mean below:

He literally can't do anything right, and we love him so much for that.

Rocco's owners say he isn't letting success get to his head. He still loves to eat, sleep, play and poop, just like a normal puppy.

You can follow Rocco on his accounts below:



We look forward to seeing a lot more of this klutzy canine!

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