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Meghan Markle Has Plans To Break Even More Traditions In Her Wedding To Prince Harry

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With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's nuptials on the horizon, the public is in awe of the former actress already breaking traditions long held in the royal family.

New reports have claimed the couple's "unconventional" wedding is set to torpedo another custom as Markle has expressed her interest in having her mother, social worker and yoga teacher Doria Ragland, walk her down the aisle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP

"With the wedding, they both want to do things their way. While they will always be mindful of traditions and the views of their elders, the day is ultimately about them and what they want to do," a source close to the couple told Us Weekly. "The day of the wedding itself will certainly hold a few unconventional surprises. Don’t expect a royal wedding by numbers. They want to involve their friends and family as much in as much as possible throughout the day."

"Their romance feels refreshingly modern and I think that’s something that everyone at Kensington Palace has felt incredibly excited by," the source added.

While insiders have said her father "reclusive" Thomas Markle will score an invite to the wedding, Markle and her mother have a closer relationship, and have often been seen together in 2017.

Markle's parents divorced when the future royal was only seven-years-old, but are said to have a cordial relationship for the sake of their daughter experiencing a loving childhood.

However, not everybody is certain Thomas would like to take a step back during the big day.

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