Megyn Kelly Torn Apart For Jane Fonda Remarks As NBC Takes Her Off The Air

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Megyn Kelly Torn Apart For Jane Fonda Remarks As NBC Takes Her Off The Air


The feud between NBC host Megyn Kelly and actress Jane Fonda has taken another ugly turn, as the prime time network appears to have suspended Kelly's time slot and became the target of slander herself.

Their troubles began several months ago when Fonda sat down on Megyn Kelly Today to discuss her movie, Our Souls at Night. However, it seemed like Kelly wanted to talk about something a bit more personal to Fonda.

"You admit you've had [plastic surgery] done, which I think is to your credit. But you look amazing," said Kelly. "I read that you said you're not proud to admit you've had work done. Why not?"

Fonda was taken aback and later criticized the host for her offensive comments. Kelly wasn't having any of it though, and addressed Fonda's previous stance during the Vietnam War as a sign of her being unpatriotic, using the moniker "Hanoi Jane."

While her studio audience applauded, the network was fuming, and decided to take action.

The latest episode of Megyn Kelly Today was prerecorded and prevented the host from covering the widely popular Oscar nominations. People believe that this was NBC slapping Kelly on the wrist.

A source said that it was prerecorded because it dealt with sex-trafficking, a "sensitive topic, best handled on tape."

Other commentators were not as forgiving. Popular talk show The View decided they were fed up with Kelly running her mouth about Fonda, and ripped into the host for her inappropriate behavior.

"We're witnessing what we saw yesterday, a certain amount of meanness that I think is - meanness which we should not tolerate," said Ann Curry.

Fellow host Joy Behar wasn't going to beat around the bush, saying that Fonda should have fired back at Kelly while she was on her show. "How much work have you had b****?"

However, it was Whoopi Goldberg who slapped down the biggest truths while also acting as a sort of karma guru.

"If I can forgive you for telling all my friends' black children that Santa is only white, you can step back," she said. "Because you made a mistake. You made a mistake. We all make mistakes. You gotta lighten up, babe."

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