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6-Year-Old Dies Shortly After Doctors Say Her Mother Is Being "Paranoid" About Her Symptoms

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As I get older, my trust in doctors diminishes after reading all the crazy stories online about people being misdiagnosed or badly treated in the hands of a "trusted" medical professional. The thing is, I should feel the opposite, because I'll be in need of their care more than ever as old age takes a toll on me.

So you can understand how anxious I feel when there's something wrong with my body. I could have the flu, but I'm always worried it's something more serious than that.

Being misdiagnosed is one of my greatest fears. Some people have had such terrible experiences at the doctor's office or hospital that's actually led to their death...

Just last week, a five-year-old girl died shortly after she was denied treatment for being 10 minutes late to her doctor's appointment.

The mother and her daughter, who was reportedly 'wheezing and unable to walk" at the time, was forced to return home. The little girl's mother checked in on her every now and again to make sure she was okay. Close to midnight, she found her daughter on the floor, blue in the face. It was believed that the girl died from an asthma attack.

Some doctors seem to be too busy to take illnesses seriously, and now a six-year-old girl has died from meningitis because one doctor believed the mother was "paranoid" about her daughter's flu-like symptoms.

If that doesn't sound crazy enough to you, wait till you hear the full story...

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