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They Found A 240-year-old Message Inside The Butt Of A Jesus Statue

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CEN/Da Vinci Restauro

Joaquín Mínguez, a chaplain of the Cathedral of the Burgo de Osma, wrote the message on both sides of two pieces papers in 1777, and detailed what life was like in his quaint community.

Minquez described popular games, the economic situation, political and religious matters, famous people, and the diseases that were plaguing society at the time.

"The Court is in Madrid, there is a Mail and Gazette for the news, there is an Inquisition, for which no errors are experienced against the Church of God," Minquez reportedly wrote on the document.

Following this revelation, the original document has been sent to the archives of the Archbishopric of Burgos for safekeeping, but a copy of the transcript was produced, and put back inside the rear end of the statue, just like Mínguez intended.

Have you ever thought about making your own time capsule for future generations?

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