Mia Farrow Accused Of Brainwashing and Abusing Her Son

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In 1992, Mia Farrow accused Woody Allen of molesting their adopted daughter, Dylan, amidst their nasty divorce and custody battle.

Allen denied the allegations and an official investigation turned up empty, so he was never charged with the crimes.


Over a decade later, in 2014, Dylan herself went public with claims of molestation against her father. The open letter was published by Nicholas Kristof in his New York Times blog, and was even backed up by Dylan's brother Ronan. But once again, Allen insisted that the claims were false.

All the while, Farrow's name was in the clear - until now. In a new book about Allen's career, another one of their kids, Moses, is making some serious allegations against his mother.


Moses, who has always voiced support for his father despite his siblings's accusations, made the claims in an interview for Eric Lax's new book Start to Finish: Woody Allen and the Art of Movie Making.

Excerpts from the book were obtained by The New York Times and it contains numerous instances in which Moses says Farrow brainwashed her children, and was emotionally and physically abusive.

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